What is MaMa Leone for YOU?

A big African Momma? An Italian Restaurant? Does it make you curious or are you ready to switch off your computer?

It all depends on YOUR perspective:

Just two words can cause a million of different thoughts and provoke a huge variety of emotions depending on the observer.
And the “truth” is yet another.

  • Take off your glasses.
  • Verify if what YOU perceive is a fact or just the world YOU created in your mind based on your interpretation.
  • Change your habits and actions to achieve the goals YOU feel committed to.

YOU don’t need MaMa Leone to do this. But just as the name does: MaMa Leone helps to understand this concept and can facilitate
this learning process by asking questions, giving feedback, and most importantly: listening emphatically.

My personal interpretation of MaMa Leone:

  • MaMa Leone creates PROXIMITY.
  • MaMa Leone is EMOTIONAL.
  • MaMa Leone is a SHORTCUT: Mind Asset Management helps you make the most out of your life by working on your mind.

Contact MaMa Leone for further questions and find out how to schedule YOUR first session.