Workshops and Seminars

I offer workshops and seminars tailor-made for various target-groups and contents. I highly encourage you to contact me to find out more about these personal and professional learning opportunities or place a specific request for a workshop topic.


The EQ Educator certificate from Six Seconds allows me to help teachers to better understand and navigate their own emotions, as well as those of the students. With an evolved learning environment in class, everyone’s needs is taken care of, hence issues such as bullying are rather unlikely to appear. Emotional intelligence helps every single child to better understand their own needs and show empathy with their classmates. It has been scientifically proven that schools, which include E.I. in their curriculum, obtain better results.


Team-work and efficient communication skills are the bottom-line of every company’s success. Emotional Intelligence and a healthy working climate are fundamental in every business sector. Companies that implement Emotional Intelligence Training notably improve their team-work, decision-making procedures, self-awareness and self-control, hence motivation of their employees.

In today’s highly competitive markets with exchangeable products, companies that invest in their human resources, optimize internal relationship management and value the well-being of their workers, are the ones that raise the value for their stakeholders.


The “intelligent” way of handling emotions is fundamental for our personal well-being and it also helps us to get along better with others. We learn a million things at school, but who really knows how our emotions “work”, which information they provide and how we can succeed to fully understand and elaborate them, instead of trying to swallow the ones we perceive as “negative”? Anger and fear have an equally important role in our life as happiness and serenity. They show us when we are not in line with our personal values and act against our needs. Learn how to carefully listen to your feelings and practice to navigate your emotions instead of being drowned by them.


Being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and a freelancer trying to perform well also on a professional level, I noted that women face an immense quantity of various expectations. And we ourselves are formulating the highest expectations: We’d like to demonstrate that we can deal with everything alone and we can do it just great. The battle of being seen and fully respected is still going on, and it seems perfect is still not enough for a woman. In any case; if you focus on your career you might get criticized for not taking enough care of your family, if you are a stay-at-home mom, you have the impression not producing any real value, if you try to combine both – job and family – you might feel unsatisfied for not performing highly in neither one of the tasks.

In Coaching we use the distinction of EXCELLENCE  & PRETENCE underlining the difference between wanting to do things in our best possible way and wanting them to be perfect. Perfection is utopia and hence, us striving to something impossible only leads to frustration, delusion and anger or the fear of just not being enough. I offer instruments to women – individually or in groups – to work on their own objectives and find their emotional balance on their way towards meeting these personal objectives.